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Our Formula For Successful Coaching

1. Identify your Purpose

What is your why? It’s different for everyone. Once you find your purpose, there’s no looking back.

2. Identify your Goals

What are your trying to accomplish? Setting and reaching your goals will shape the future of your business.

3. Mindset Shift

What are you doing to expand your vision and protect your mindset? Becoming a top producer begins with the proper mindset.

4. Skillset Development

Do you have the skills to succeed? It’s time to become the very best at what you do now.

5. Accountability Partner

Who is holding you accountable? Accountability is the insurance policy for your dreams and goals.

6. Systems and Processes

Do you follow a system in your business? The systems you implement and follow are the roadmap to your success.

Success is a Choice

Take It Seriously

This free strategy session is 100% dedicated to you. Write down 2-3 areas where you would like your business to improve.

Think Big

Now is the time to dream big. Write down your biggest business goals and bring them to the strategy session. ​

Show Up

90% of success is showing up. Be on time for your session, be prepared and bring a pen and paper to take notes.

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Elevate Your Skills

Whether you're an experienced agent or just getting started, this workbook will help you identify the skills that will get you more buyers & sellers now!

  • In this workbook, we will identify the specific skills that world-class agents and high performance ​teams are using to win the real estate game
  • Master these skills and you will no longer worry about what the market is doing, because you will have the knowledge to succeed in any economic climate.
  • This workbook comes from 25 years of creating globally-ranked real estate brokerages, teams and top producers.

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Start Climbing with our Coaching Programs

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“My coach pushed me to take a hard look at how I run my business, and make critical adjustments that more than tripled my income.”
Amy Clark
Realtor/Team Leader, Herriman, Utah